Gplanning a wedding is stressful

Even during a normal year, planning a wedding is stressful. Now throw a global pandemic into the mix, you can imagine how most brides & grooms are feeling. With the number of weddings postponed from 2020 to 2021 and the additional 2021 alterations that we have committed to this year, we have decided to focus our commitment to our brides and their alterations for the upcoming 2021 season. To achieve this we will temporarily close our Angela’s Bridal store front and work from our Alterations studio. But boy do we have some VERY exciting news we can’t wait to share!! We feel privileged to be in this situation, where we can solely focus on delivering what we promised to all our brides and ensuring they have the dress of their dreams!

Troy has captivated our hearts and energy since we opened our sister store, a Love Story Bridal in 2016. After making the official move from Angela’s previous home of 10yrs to Troy in 2019, it was a new chapter for AB! With a whirlwind year of changes and challenges that come with moving, adjusting to a new space, and then a pandemic, it became a time of true reflection. Therefore, taking the time to focus on alterations and temporarily closing the store front, is giving us the opportunity to view the bigger picture in this new world. Like many small businesses, this pandemic has led us to reimagine what we envision for the “new” bridal experience. And one that allows us to give time and attention to brides we have committed to.

Angela’s has always believed in the love story that is being told through each bride that walks through our doors. And in return we want to provide an intimate space, for you and your loved ones. A space that is filled with hand selected dresses by timeless designers, creating a connection with our consultants through a one on one appointment, dedicated to helping you find the dress that you envision marrying the love of your life in. In a space that allows you to be the only customer and an unique experience to follow through our commitment to you in a world of constant change.

So, as we’ve decided to take a step back from our current storefront for the month of April, it was as though the stars aligned and we felt this immense excitement with the idea we would reopen our sister store, A Love Story Bridal at its original location on River Street in Troy! This salon will not only be beautiful and carry beautiful dresses, but it will allow us to balance both elements of this business we are so passionate about, brides saying yes and ensuring we deliver on their fit. Once the season is underway, we will be sharing our re-opening date and behind the scenes from what will be one of our busiest wedding seasons to date at our Alteration studio! Follow along as we take on the season of love, and celebrate the best of what’s to come!

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