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Dress of the Week: Pronovias "Epico"

Dress of the Week: Pronovias “Epico”

Hey girls, this week on dress of the week, we are talking about Pronovias “Epico.” Epico is a gorgeous strapless sweetheart crepe in lace applique gown. First of all, I want to talk about strapless dresses. Many brides walks through the doors and says they don’t want strapless, but I promise you, when it is fitted and altered to your size, you’re going to be 100% comfortable in it. You’re not going to be pulling it up all night, regardless of the size of your chest. What makes this strapless so different from the rest is that there is a mix between the lace applique and the double line stretchy Crepe. Crepe is going to make you feel comfortable. You can walk around and sit and dance in it, but the lace applique is going to cover up some of those spots that we might feel a little self conscious about. It also gives you the taste of lace without having a full on at lace gown. Lace applique is more modern. It’s flattering by being cut out here on the side, continuing into the sweetheart and down to your middle section. We love these floral kick outs on the side with a little bit of scallop edging. The back is also absolutely amazing! The detail of the train mirrors the lace applique and floral imagery in the kick outs Come check out, Pronovias in the store!

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