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Dress of the Week: Nouvelle Amsale Celeste

This week on dress of the week. We are talking about the classic A-line silhouette using the beautiful Celeste gown by Nouvelle Amsale as our example. So an A-line is different from a ballgown. A ballgown is going to have major volume everywhere. Whether it’s coming out from the top in the form of tulle or is coming from underneath the gown via crinoline. A dress like this still has crinoline, but it’s an a line because you can still walk around and move. You are still going to be extremely flattered because it cuts in at your natural waist, which is everybody’s smallest part. We love this a-line in particular, because of the Mikado fabric and the top of the dress. This spaghetti strap is very unique for bridal. It’s flattering to your upper body, your shoulders, your collarbone, but gives you the support that strapless dresses can’t. The square neckline and the way that they kind of create this geometric pattern using the seams is so flattering and very unique.

So if you’re interested in trying on an a-line dress, Celeste is definitely a good place to start.

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