The Dress Checklist

The Dress Checklist

Getting ready

One of the most special days during the wedding planning process is the day you say “Yes!” to the dress. Finding the gown that you will walk down the aisle in is unlike any other purchase you will make. For many, this is a moment they have dreamt about forever. Other brides may be a little more apprehensive about starting and stopping the process.

You should know about before you start that you are going to try on a lot of pretty dresses. So, listen to your gut to find what makes you look and feel your best! Deciding on a dress just as much of an emotional decision as it is a logical decision.

When feeling like you might have found your dress, here are some great questions to ask yourself:

     ◯ Can I picture myself walking down the aisle in this dress?

     ◯ Did I try on every style I was interested in trying on?

     ◯ Am I smiling in this dress?

     ◯ Am I thinking about another dress when I am in this one?

     ◯ Is there anything I wanted that this dress is missing?

     ◯ Can I see my fiance’s jaw-dropping when he/she sees me in this dress?

     ◯ Does this dress fit my venue and wedding theme?

     ◯ Do I feel beautiful in this dress?

     ◯ If I return to this shop at a later date, would I be sad if this dress isn’t here?

Every bride is different. Our most important advice we can give you when shopping for a dress is to make sure you have found a dress that makes you feel beautiful and confident. Your squad and consultant are there to help guide you to your decision. They all will support you in whatever gown you choose. Take a deep breath, and get ready for the first of many unforgettable days leading up to YOUR big day.

AB At-Home: Virtual Appointments

AB At-Home: Virtual Appointments

Say Yes to the Dress Moment

We are so excited to announce the new way of bridal shopping! We are now offering a modern approach to bridal gown shopping experience that complies with CDC regulations and gives the opportunity for brides-to-be to have the experience to try gowns in the safety of their own home.

We want to assist you in preparing for your big day while feeling safe without sacrificing the quality of your shopping experience! Virtual appointments are perfect to help brides who have already been shopping and have a good idea what they are looking for and new brides to dip their toes into bridal shopping.

How to Schedule:
▷ Fill out the “Request an Appointment” form on our website and select the option “Virtual Appointment”
▷ One of our Bridal Stylist will be in contact with you within 48 to confirm your appointment!

How it works:
▷ You will receive an email from your Bridal Stylist to provide details of the virtual consultation.
▷ She will also ask for photos, inspiration, your wedding details, and any specific dresses from our designer’s web pages that you are interested in.
▷ You will be able to shop all our inventory on our Pinterest (@angelasbridalny).
▷ During the consultation, we will show you more of our inventory and will help you select 5 gowns for you to try on at home.

At Home Try-on
▷ There will be a price list for the gowns you selected. Each gown will have two prices. The first if you wanted to reorder the gown in your size and desired color. (Please note that Special order gowns can take up to nine months and this is subject to change during this pandemic.) The second price will be if you wanted to purchase the sample gown off the rack.
▷ We will include fitting & measuring tools (clips, cups, panels, measuring tape) to help you fit yourself in the gowns.
▷ We will send you tutorials on how to clip the dress and how to measure yourself.
▷ At Home Try-ons will be conducted on weekdays only. All gowns must arrive at our shop by 6pm on Friday.

▷ The fee is $250 for the five gowns that will be in your home for a scheduled three days of your choice. This fee covers the cleaning and prepping, shipping and delivery and return and is nonrefundable. However, you will receive $100 of this back if you purchase one of the gowns during your at home try-on.
▷ We also require a credit card on file for any damages to dresses.
▷ Your card will only be charged additional fees if the gowns are not returned or are damaged in some way.
▷ If you decide you want to purchase the sample sent to your home, the card on file will be charged prior to the return of the other dresses.
▷ Other terms and conditions do apply.

We are so excited to start offering this service to our brides. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Paige and Tyler’s Elopement in the time of COVID-19

Paige and Tyler’s Elopement in the time of COVID-19

Our hearts go out to any person who has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are living in such unprecedented times, and it’s hard to provide advice and guidance to brides when there are so many unknowns. We want brides everywhere to know, we are here for you, and you are not alone.

Many brides have had to postpone or re-plan for a new wedding in just a couple of weeks. Our bride, Paige, did precisely that. This is her story.

Paige and Tyler had planned a big wedding at Franklin Plaza with 185 guests coming from all over, on April 18th. They had been envisioning and planning for this epic celebration for the past year and a half. A global pandemic was the last thing they thought they would face.

The Start

When everything initially started blowing up in March and Governor Cuomo announced that gatherings and venue’s capacity had to be cut in half, the couple panicked. They were in close contact with Michael Fusco at Franklin Plaza. Fusco reassured them that it was all going to be okay. Because of its size, their guest list was under half capacity anyway. Franklin Plaza was supportive and still ready to throw the couple’s wedding. Within a few days, Governor Cuomo released new guidelines. This was the moment when the couple realized they had to change everything about their wedding day.

In debating what to do, the couple was anxious that they would look back and be disappointed that they didn’t have their giant wedding celebration. “I was nervous that when the world opened up again and when we attended the other weddings we’ve been invited to, we’d be upset that we missed out on that kind of experience,” the bride explained.

An important thing to note is that the changing regulations and wedding plans happened over four weeks. As we know, information about COVID-19 changes every day. The couple eventually came up with a plan, after a bottle of wine and a ton of post notes. “Ultimately, we realized that the thing we wanted most out of April 18th was to be married to each other. Everything else was secondary,” the bride recounts.

The New Plan

Like many other couples, Paige and Tyler’s main worry was spreading the virus between their immediate family at their elopement. “THIS was our biggest reservation. At one point, we even told our parents and siblings that no one besides our photographer, our dog, and officiant were invited, out of love.” After more research and learning that in New York State, there must be two witnesses to sign your marriage license, and neither your officiant nor your dog count, the couple took this as a sign of needing their immediate family there.

Paige was really disappointed that the couple wouldn’t have any professional photos of their wedding day. Their original photographer, Ashtyn Brooke Photography, is from Naples, Florida. “While she was insanely flexible, one of the kindest, most genuine people I have ever met, AND was willing to make our day happen; we couldn’t put her or her second-shooter at risk flying to New York during a global pandemic.” Through Instagram and hashtags, the bride found Dawn Honsky. Dawn is a local photographer that specializes in elopements. Paige messaged Dawn immediately after seeing her photos online and explained their situation. Without any hesitation, Dawn graciously agreed to shoot their elopement while following social distancing guidelines.

The Elopement

“The morning of our elopement, when we were getting ready was so special, in a way that I could not have ever imagined. We did a first look – and it’s one of my favorite parts of the whole day. Tyler went downstairs while I put my dress on, but I needed a little help getting the last few inches zipped up. So, when I was finally ready, Tyler came up the stairs with his eyes closed, zipped up my dress still with his eyes closed, and then turned around and waited for me to tell him to open his eyes. I secretly caught it on camera because what bride can resist reliving that moment? With it being just the two of us, the emotions and reactions were so genuine, raw, and full of love. Absolutely unforgettable.”

Paige and Tyler eloped in an intimate outdoor ceremony on April 18th. Their family had to remain 6 feet away from each other, and there was no hugging allowed, but it was a day the couple will never forget.

Final Thoughts

The couple is so happy and content with their elopement, all concerns about missing out of their big wedding are behind them. They are even excited to celebrate their friends’ love at their weddings. Paige and Tyler are hoping that they can have a reception at the end of August – but recognize that it’ll depend on how the pandemic proceeds in the next couple of months. “We’re both at the point that we aren’t even upset if our reception is canceled. We have each other, an epic story, and our health. We’re happy.”

Advice from the Bride

  • Remember the reason you and your partner wanted to get married in the first place.
  • Trust your intuition to guide your decision making.
  • Keep yourselves, family, and friends safe, and know that love is not canceled – even if your wedding is.
  • The wedding industry vendors have proven to be some serious all-stars, full of compassion, and with hearts of gold. All of our vendors have been there every step of the way, helping to re-plan our celebration for August.
  • Your wedding day will be special, no matter what changes you have to make to your original plans. It may even turn out better than you ever thought possible 🙂
  • If you elope, like we did, and you already have your gown, you now have the perfect excuse to wear your dress TWICE!

Feature Dress- Pronovias “Ozana”

Albany Bride Guide - By Angela's Bridal

Feature Dress- Pronovias "Ozana"

With our Pronovias trunk show quickly approaching next week, we are featuring one of our first 2017 gowns to arrive in the store- Pronovias “Ozana”! We are struck by its simplistic elegance.

There’s something so alluring about the simplistic elegance of this bridal gown. Yes, gowns with gorgeous embroidered lace, and bead work detail are stunning (they’re all beautiful they’re wedding gowns!), but there is also something dramatic about a clean tulle ballgown. The drama comes from it’s simplicity rather than all the bells and whistles. It is truly a classic bridal gown. That was one of the main reasons the dress caught my eye in Barcelona!

The fit was another reason I loved this dress. This dress hugs a bride’s figure past the natural waist and then poofs out giving the “bridal” feel. It is extremely flattering, featuring a sweetheart neckline and rouched tulle bodice. This gown has such a classic “black and white” picture feel. You can just imagine a bride being photographed on her wedding day and when you look back on it after 20 years, it would still be just as gorgeous.

The buttons down the zipper give the perfect delicate detail to the back. You can easily pair this gown with some amazing statement accessories! Let the sparkle come from your jewelry, the dress speaks for itself.

We are so excited for our Pronovias Trunk Show next weekend! We have limited appointments left, so call today to ensure you appointment. You do not want to miss these fabulous gowns from Barcelona Spain.

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