Even during a normal year, planning a wedding is stressful.

Gplanning a wedding is stressful

Even during a normal year, planning a wedding is stressful. Now throw a global pandemic into the mix, you can imagine how most brides & grooms are feeling. With the number of weddings postponed from 2020 to 2021 and the additional 2021 alterations that we have committed to this year, we have decided to focus our commitment to our brides and their alterations for the upcoming 2021 season. To achieve this we will temporarily close our Angela’s Bridal store front and work from our Alterations studio. But boy do we have some VERY exciting news we can’t wait to share!! We feel privileged to be in this situation, where we can solely focus on delivering what we promised to all our brides and ensuring they have the dress of their dreams!

Troy has captivated our hearts and energy since we opened our sister store, a Love Story Bridal in 2016. After making the official move from Angela’s previous home of 10yrs to Troy in 2019, it was a new chapter for AB! With a whirlwind year of changes and challenges that come with moving, adjusting to a new space, and then a pandemic, it became a time of true reflection. Therefore, taking the time to focus on alterations and temporarily closing the store front, is giving us the opportunity to view the bigger picture in this new world. Like many small businesses, this pandemic has led us to reimagine what we envision for the “new” bridal experience. And one that allows us to give time and attention to brides we have committed to.

Angela’s has always believed in the love story that is being told through each bride that walks through our doors. And in return we want to provide an intimate space, for you and your loved ones. A space that is filled with hand selected dresses by timeless designers, creating a connection with our consultants through a one on one appointment, dedicated to helping you find the dress that you envision marrying the love of your life in. In a space that allows you to be the only customer and an unique experience to follow through our commitment to you in a world of constant change.

So, as we’ve decided to take a step back from our current storefront for the month of April, it was as though the stars aligned and we felt this immense excitement with the idea we would reopen our sister store, A Love Story Bridal at its original location on River Street in Troy! This salon will not only be beautiful and carry beautiful dresses, but it will allow us to balance both elements of this business we are so passionate about, brides saying yes and ensuring we deliver on their fit. Once the season is underway, we will be sharing our re-opening date and behind the scenes from what will be one of our busiest wedding seasons to date at our Alteration studio! Follow along as we take on the season of love, and celebrate the best of what’s to come!

Paige and Tyler’s Elopement in the time of COVID-19

Paige and Tyler’s Elopement in the time of COVID-19

Our hearts go out to any person who has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are living in such unprecedented times, and it’s hard to provide advice and guidance to brides when there are so many unknowns. We want brides everywhere to know, we are here for you, and you are not alone.

Many brides have had to postpone or re-plan for a new wedding in just a couple of weeks. Our bride, Paige, did precisely that. This is her story.

Paige and Tyler had planned a big wedding at Franklin Plaza with 185 guests coming from all over, on April 18th. They had been envisioning and planning for this epic celebration for the past year and a half. A global pandemic was the last thing they thought they would face.

The Start

When everything initially started blowing up in March and Governor Cuomo announced that gatherings and venue’s capacity had to be cut in half, the couple panicked. They were in close contact with Michael Fusco at Franklin Plaza. Fusco reassured them that it was all going to be okay. Because of its size, their guest list was under half capacity anyway. Franklin Plaza was supportive and still ready to throw the couple’s wedding. Within a few days, Governor Cuomo released new guidelines. This was the moment when the couple realized they had to change everything about their wedding day.

In debating what to do, the couple was anxious that they would look back and be disappointed that they didn’t have their giant wedding celebration. “I was nervous that when the world opened up again and when we attended the other weddings we’ve been invited to, we’d be upset that we missed out on that kind of experience,” the bride explained.

An important thing to note is that the changing regulations and wedding plans happened over four weeks. As we know, information about COVID-19 changes every day. The couple eventually came up with a plan, after a bottle of wine and a ton of post notes. “Ultimately, we realized that the thing we wanted most out of April 18th was to be married to each other. Everything else was secondary,” the bride recounts.

The New Plan

Like many other couples, Paige and Tyler’s main worry was spreading the virus between their immediate family at their elopement. “THIS was our biggest reservation. At one point, we even told our parents and siblings that no one besides our photographer, our dog, and officiant were invited, out of love.” After more research and learning that in New York State, there must be two witnesses to sign your marriage license, and neither your officiant nor your dog count, the couple took this as a sign of needing their immediate family there.

Paige was really disappointed that the couple wouldn’t have any professional photos of their wedding day. Their original photographer, Ashtyn Brooke Photography, is from Naples, Florida. “While she was insanely flexible, one of the kindest, most genuine people I have ever met, AND was willing to make our day happen; we couldn’t put her or her second-shooter at risk flying to New York during a global pandemic.” Through Instagram and hashtags, the bride found Dawn Honsky. Dawn is a local photographer that specializes in elopements. Paige messaged Dawn immediately after seeing her photos online and explained their situation. Without any hesitation, Dawn graciously agreed to shoot their elopement while following social distancing guidelines.

The Elopement

“The morning of our elopement, when we were getting ready was so special, in a way that I could not have ever imagined. We did a first look – and it’s one of my favorite parts of the whole day. Tyler went downstairs while I put my dress on, but I needed a little help getting the last few inches zipped up. So, when I was finally ready, Tyler came up the stairs with his eyes closed, zipped up my dress still with his eyes closed, and then turned around and waited for me to tell him to open his eyes. I secretly caught it on camera because what bride can resist reliving that moment? With it being just the two of us, the emotions and reactions were so genuine, raw, and full of love. Absolutely unforgettable.”

Paige and Tyler eloped in an intimate outdoor ceremony on April 18th. Their family had to remain 6 feet away from each other, and there was no hugging allowed, but it was a day the couple will never forget.

Final Thoughts

The couple is so happy and content with their elopement, all concerns about missing out of their big wedding are behind them. They are even excited to celebrate their friends’ love at their weddings. Paige and Tyler are hoping that they can have a reception at the end of August – but recognize that it’ll depend on how the pandemic proceeds in the next couple of months. “We’re both at the point that we aren’t even upset if our reception is canceled. We have each other, an epic story, and our health. We’re happy.”

Advice from the Bride

  • Remember the reason you and your partner wanted to get married in the first place.
  • Trust your intuition to guide your decision making.
  • Keep yourselves, family, and friends safe, and know that love is not canceled – even if your wedding is.
  • The wedding industry vendors have proven to be some serious all-stars, full of compassion, and with hearts of gold. All of our vendors have been there every step of the way, helping to re-plan our celebration for August.
  • Your wedding day will be special, no matter what changes you have to make to your original plans. It may even turn out better than you ever thought possible 🙂
  • If you elope, like we did, and you already have your gown, you now have the perfect excuse to wear your dress TWICE!

Silhouettes: A-Line

A lot of brides go bridal shopping with very open minds (which we love) and just want to find
something that goes with their personality and flatters their body. In this series, we will be
breaking down each Bridal silhouette to help you figure out what you want in your gown.

This week, it’s all about A-lines! You would not believe the amount of times we get brides
saying they don’t want something fitted, but don’t want something cupcake-y. Don’t worry girl,
A-line are the perfect solution for this request!

The Fit:

A-line gown are named such because the skirt of the gown mirrors the letter “A.” This means the
skirt will not be fitted and will flare out at the natural waist of a bride. Most of the time, the
bodice, or top part of the dress, will be fitted to really showcase the flare. Bonus; this silhouette
will make your waist look extra tiny!

The Body Types

The best part of A-line gowns is that they look good on most body shapes. The way a-line gowns
are constructed accentuate an hourglass figure. Additionally, the natural flare of the skirt will
never swallow a shorter bride!

The fabrics:

For a softer and more romantic look, many A-line gowns have skirts made out of silk organza,
chiffon, or tulle. These fabrics are thinner and tend to be layered and gathered to make a big skirt
without feeling too heavy.

For a more structure and fancier look, choose an aline with a thicker fabric like mikado or satin.
Typically, these gown gowns are one layer and have some crinoline to give a little volume.

The Bustle:

Although you and your seamstress can customize the bustle to your liking. Here are the bustles
we most often see with A-line gowns

Traditional Bustle – This bustle is one of our favorites! This method involves the skirt begin
lifted and attached following the waist of the dress. Because of the nature of a-line gown tends to
have more flowy skirts, this bustle looks very natural and tends to mirror the way the front of the
dress draps.

Reverse Bustle – The reverse bustle is the method of having the train fold underneath and be
attached on the inside of the skirt of the dress. This bustle tends to be best on gowns with a more
structured material like a mikado.

French Bustle – French bustles have the attachment points under the dress and fabric is
folded in. This gives a ruffles arc effect to the back of the skir t. This bustle is also best
used with a thicker fabric like crepe or satin.

No Bustle

French Bustle

Reverse Bustle

Traditional Bustle

Two Stores Become One Perfect Bridal Shopping Experience

Two Stores Become One Perfect Bridal Shopping Experience

In 2016, I opened A Love Story Bridal in Troy. From the moment the doors opened, everyone who came in could feel its warmth and the way it instantly felt like home to every bride who walked in. In Angela’s Bridal’s move to Troy, we wanted to achieve the same welcoming atmosphere.

My teams are passionate and professional, but as an owner of small businesses, I started to feel a little spread thin and therefore we started to experience some operational and customer service challenges. So a decision was made to choose quality over quantity. To become one central unit, bringing the team closer together and building a stronger foundation for our level of service and operations, in addition to the joy and fun of helping a bride find her gown – there is so much that happens behind the scenes to make their day special.

We want our brides to have trust in us, feel the warmth from us and confidence in themselves. We have a philosophy: to listen, educate, advise and empower our customers so that the decision process is organic and authentic. we are helping them achieve the look that embodies who they are. They are the ones making the decision on their purchase.

As a result, Angela’s Bridal and A Love Story Bridal have become one: Having curated the best selection of inventory from both stores for brides to select from.

We are sad to say goodbye to our quaint river street shop, but at the same time, we are so excited about this next chapter for Angela’s Bridal.

This change will increase our staff to better serve and care for our Brides. Our operations and customer service will be stronger than ever before. We are so excited about this change and we cannot wait to see all our beautiful brides from A Love Story Bridal again, at Angela’s and welcome more Angela’s Brides to our AB family than ever!

We really want to start this union off with a bang! To celebrate our two stores becoming one, and Valentine’s Day, we want you to share your love story with us! We are asking brides to give us a brief description of how they met their fiance to get a gift card to use on their special order bridal gown from February 11 through the 15!

Signing up is easy! Simply fill out our appointment request form under the “Appointment” tab. In the section for questions or comments, describe your met-cute and we will have your gift card waiting for you at your appointment!

Happy wedding planning and we cannot wait to hear your love stories!

Fall 2019 Trend Forecast

Fall 2019 Trend Forecast

Going to Bridal Market is a time our staff looks forward to all season. It’s not only an opportunity to curate our collection and bond as a team, but a chance to become more inspired and enthusiastic about the world of bridal fashion! By attending the market, we were able to handpick the best of the best styles with the most reliable quality for our brides.

We traveled as far as Barcelona to buy the most extraordinary dresses, so our brides are left feeling unique on their wedding day. We cannot wait for you, beautiful ladies, to fall in love with them.

With our new dresses about to arrive for the season, here are the trends you need to know about!

Fall 2019 market stood out to us because many elements our brides have been asking for were not only featured but re-imagined.

Sparkle has been utilized in a very new and fresh way. Many of the dresses had a gentle touch of sparkle detailing.

Floral Imagery

Floral detailing is in ladies! Whether it’s a floral lace pattern or applique, floral imagery has been seen all over the bridal runway.

This Pronovias is a perfect example of a re-imagined floral. The back beadwork creates a statement piece that is bound to turn heads. You can try on “Bellatrix” in the shop now!

Crescent Necklines

The next bridal trend is crescent necklines. This type of neckline is very new to the industry but is so unique and flattering. A crescent neckline is rounded at the top as opposed to scooping downwards or outlining the bust.

This Allison Webb dress is to die for! She perfectly pairs the crescent neckline and sparkle trends with this amazing matching bolero.

Subtle Sparkle

As we mentioned before, sparkle has become more and more popular in bridal. At bridal market, we saw delicate laces paired with sequin details throughout the fabric. This technique gives a very different sparkle effect than beading or glitter caviar because it creates more of a sheen. It’s more delicate and light than a full beaded dress too. This also means it will be priced lower than a fully beaded gown! Plus, this beauty from Marchesa Notte has just arrived in our shop!

Corset Detailing

Corsets are back but don’t worry; the uncomfortable fit is not! Designers have used vertical boning, stitchwork, and cups to create a corset look without affecting your breathing.

This Marchesa Notte gown embodies this trend perfectly by outlining the cups and boning to give a corset look rather than a corset structure. The texture applique and soft fabric make it feminine and soft but sexy.

5 Things to Know for your Wedding Dress Fitting

5 Things to Know for Your Wedding Dress Fitting

For many Brides, alterations can be super stressful. By the time you start your alterations, its down to the wire. The added stress of the little hiccups from all the details of the wedding is understandably overwhelming. To help ease the stress of the process, here are the 5 things you should know about the alterations process before starting the process:

Five things to know about the alterations process:

  1. You should start your alterations six to eight weeks before your wedding!

    You may be thinking… isn’t that too late? A lot of brides expect to start their alterations three months before their wedding, but we don’t advise this. The reason being is that you want to be the closest to your wedding day size as possible. If a bride starts alterations months before the wedding, they might end up gaining or losing weight during the alterations process. The extra modifications from your body changing will end up costing you more money!

  2. You must have your shoes selected and with you by your first fitting!

    Make sure you bring the shoes you are wearing on your special day to all of your fittings! It doesn’t matter if you choose to go a heel, sneakers or flat, the exact shoes is essential for your alterations to be done properly. Your shoes will directly affect the length of the hem, which is the first step of the alterations process. Please note, If you end up bringing heels to your fitting and wear flats the day of your wedding, the gown may end up begin too long or vice versa. With this in mind, try to find shoes you will be comfortable all day long.

  3. Use your voice, ladies!

    Alteration fittings exist so that your seamstress can make your gown perfect. Ask all of your questions and concerns to make sure that you’re the happiest bride to be. If something isn’t looking right, express exactly who you feel to your seamstress to prevent adjustment later on and the anxiety for you! Similarly, we recommend that you either come by yourself or with only one other person to fittings. Like when picking out your dress, too many voices can sometimes disrupt the image of what you want. You are the bride and you know what you like. If you would like to bring a larger party, we suggest for them to come to the gown pickup so they can see the finished product!

  4. Bustle’s are custom!!

    Many brides are surprised to learn that bustle’s do not come pre-done on any of the dresses we carry. The main reason being that bustles dependent on the brides height and preference! Therefore, it will be done in your alterations appointments. Make sure your mother or maid of honor learns how to bustle your train before picking up your dress!

  5. Know the pricing!!

    Lastly, budget budget budget! The average cost for alterations lies between 500 and 700 dollars. The lower end of prices usually includes a hem, bustle, and the bodice. If you need to lengthen your train or have any significant take in’s, you’re looking at spending more money. It is important to remember when buying your dress to take into consideration at least an extra 500 dollars to get it altered!

Photo by: Andrew Franciosa Studio

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