5 Things to Know for Your Wedding Dress Fitting

For many Brides, alterations can be super stressful. By the time you start your alterations, its down to the wire. The added stress of the little hiccups from all the details of the wedding is understandably overwhelming. To help ease the stress of the process, here are the 5 things you should know about the alterations process before starting the process:

Five things to know about the alterations process:

  1. You should start your alterations six to eight weeks before your wedding!

    You may be thinking… isn’t that too late? A lot of brides expect to start their alterations three months before their wedding, but we don’t advise this. The reason being is that you want to be the closest to your wedding day size as possible. If a bride starts alterations months before the wedding, they might end up gaining or losing weight during the alterations process. The extra modifications from your body changing will end up costing you more money!

  2. You must have your shoes selected and with you by your first fitting!

    Make sure you bring the shoes you are wearing on your special day to all of your fittings! It doesn’t matter if you choose to go a heel, sneakers or flat, the exact shoes is essential for your alterations to be done properly. Your shoes will directly affect the length of the hem, which is the first step of the alterations process. Please note, If you end up bringing heels to your fitting and wear flats the day of your wedding, the gown may end up begin too long or vice versa. With this in mind, try to find shoes you will be comfortable all day long.

  3. Use your voice, ladies!

    Alteration fittings exist so that your seamstress can make your gown perfect. Ask all of your questions and concerns to make sure that you’re the happiest bride to be. If something isn’t looking right, express exactly who you feel to your seamstress to prevent adjustment later on and the anxiety for you! Similarly, we recommend that you either come by yourself or with only one other person to fittings. Like when picking out your dress, too many voices can sometimes disrupt the image of what you want. You are the bride and you know what you like. If you would like to bring a larger party, we suggest for them to come to the gown pickup so they can see the finished product!

  4. Bustle’s are custom!!

    Many brides are surprised to learn that bustle’s do not come pre-done on any of the dresses we carry. The main reason being that bustles dependent on the brides height and preference! Therefore, it will be done in your alterations appointments. Make sure your mother or maid of honor learns how to bustle your train before picking up your dress!

  5. Know the pricing!!

    Lastly, budget budget budget! The average cost for alterations lies between 500 and 700 dollars. The lower end of prices usually includes a hem, bustle, and the bodice. If you need to lengthen your train or have any significant take in’s, you’re looking at spending more money. It is important to remember when buying your dress to take into consideration at least an extra 500 dollars to get it altered!

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